Factors to Consider When Ordering Cut to Size Plastics

Cut-to-size plasticsare available in a wide variety of different specifications and plastic types. It is therefore important that you consider several factors before placing your order for plastic that will be used for your DIY project. This article discusses some of those key factors. Temperature Range Each form of plastic has a safe temperature range within which it can be used without suffering any alteration to its chemical composition and structural strength. Read More 

Choosing Between Wood, Plastic, and Corrugated Pallets

When investing in pallets for your company, you may not realize that you can choose between wood, plastic, and corrugated or cardboard materials. While pallets may not be very expensive per piece, their cost can add up over time, and you need the right pallet for ensuring your materials arrive safely at their destination. This is why you want to carefully consider the material choices for your supply of pallets. Note a few pros and cons of each so you can determine the best choice for your company. Read More 

Weld, Don’t Distort; Here’s How

Metal fabrication specialists often face a challenge when working with thin sheets of metal that have a reduced degree of stiffness. A thinner (and less stiff) metal sheet has a reduced structural strength. This makes it easier for the metal sheet to suffer distortion (often in the form of warping) after the welding process. There are various ways to reduce the likelihood of distortion when welding thin sheets of metal. Here are three ways to go about this for the apprentice welder. Read More 

Choosing the Perfect Cutting System for Your Laser Equipment

There are different cutting techniques for raw materials to consider as a hobbyist fabricator. One of the most beneficial choices is laser cutting because the machine is highly precise in translating the pertinent designs. In addition, the thin stream of amplified light does not distort the cut edges. Therefore, you will not need to invest in finishing processes to restore aesthetics. Generally, you can get laser cutting services from specialist dealers in the fabrication industry. Read More