3 Common Mailing Tube Mistakes

If you sell rare movie posters, you will want to make sure that the products you send out to customers arrive in perfect condition. The best way to protect a vintage movie poster when you put it in the mail is to invest in high-quality mailing tubes. However, people who are new to mailing delicate items in mailing tubes sometimes make mistakes which compromise the safety of their products.

Choosing the wrong size of mailing tube

If you choose the wrong size mailing tube, you may need to roll up the vintage poster up very tightly. If you roll up the poster too tightly, you run the risk of scuffing or damaging its surface. You also run the risk of creasing the poster when you apply pressure to it when rolling it up tightly. When purchasing a mailing tube, you should choose one which can easily hold your poster without the need for excessive rolling.

Inadequate use of protective materials

As a mailing tube passes through the postal system, it can be easily damaged by rough handling, the machines which sort different types of post, or by the movements of the truck or train which transports it from one city to another. You can help to mitigate the risk of damage by investing in mailing tubes which feature soft padding or bubble wrap which will help to protect the vintage movie posters you plan to distribute. If you can only source mailing tubes which do not feature any protective material, you should scrunch up some acid-free paper and place it inside the tube.

Not properly sealing the mailing tube

Mailing tubes are fitted with plastic caps which seal the contents of the tube inside and protect it from damage. However, if you do not take the time to check that the plastic cap is properly inserted, it could fall out when the tube is in transit. If the plastic seal pops out of position, your rare movie poster could be damaged by the elements while it is being transported by the mailman. If you want to make sure that the plastic cap remains in place, you should attach a piece of tape so it covers the end of the cap.

If you would like to find out more about how to purchase and use mailing tubes, you should contact a mailing tube manufacturer or salesperson today for further advice and information.