Thermoplastic Vulcanizates: Considerations for Choosing the Best Material Grade

If you interested in acquiring high-performance elastomers such as Santoprene TPVs, you should evaluate the different material grades on the market before selection. In general, these thermoplastic vulcanizates are favourable for numerous manufacturing processes because they have the combined properties of vulcanised rubber and thermoplastics. The latter constituent lends ease of processing and exceptional manufacturing flexibility while the rubber provides product durability, excellent strength and great sealing properties. However, you should note that the specific advantages of using TPV Santoprene will depend on your chosen grade. Read More 

3 Common Mailing Tube Mistakes

If you sell rare movie posters, you will want to make sure that the products you send out to customers arrive in perfect condition. The best way to protect a vintage movie poster when you put it in the mail is to invest in high-quality mailing tubes. However, people who are new to mailing delicate items in mailing tubes sometimes make mistakes which compromise the safety of their products. Choosing the wrong size of mailing tube Read More 

3 Key Reasons to Consider Turnkey Project Management for Your Next Construction Project

If you have an upcoming construction project that is relatively complex or technical such as the construction of an industrial building, there are lots of considerations you will have to make to ensure the project is a success. One crucial aspect you may have to think of is the management of the project.  A lot is involved in construction starting from the design phase to the completion phase. One way to ensure your project runs smoothly throughout all the phases is to consider turnkey project management. Read More 

Heavy machinery repair

Heavy machinery repair is an industry that gives service to a wide range of clientele. Heavy machinery repair ensures that equipment and plant machinery operates in an efficient manner. This ensures that the machinery can be of use to its users. It also ensures that if the heavy machinery needs repair it can be catered to so that it goes back to its optimal operational status. The heavy machinery repair industry in recent past has been mixed because revenue has been declining while demand for these services has increased. Read More 

The Various Types of Products You Can Find at a Timber Salvage Yard

Some people walk into a timber yard looking to buy salvaged timber but end up leaving with something other than what they had in mind. This is largely attributed to the fact that there are different types of used timber being sold by many timber sellers across Australia, and a lot of customers easily confuse the other products with salvaged timber. Before you can buy timber salvage from a timber yard, you should be knowledgeable about the different kinds of used timber you can find at the yard, starting with salvaged timber itself. Read More