Benefits of Utilizing CNC Technology for Induction Pipe Benders

Induction pipe benders are industrial grade professionals who bend pipes made from various metals into their required shapes. Typically, induction pipe bending involves using the heat generated by eddy currents infused by a strong electromagnetic field to facilitate the curving of pipes or tubes. Though various induction bending machines available that provide the required level of precision in the bending process are available, none surpass CNC technology. CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control, and the technology provides induction pipe benders with increased accuracy control because everything from uniform heat regulation to oversight of the bending process gets controlled by computer thus eliminating errors. Read More 

Three Crucial Considerations for Commercial PVC Strip Curtain Selection

If you are thinking about separating your industrial or commercial workspace by installing doors, you should consider using PVC strip curtains. As implied, these are essentially doors which are manufactured using resilient strips of polymer. This is an ideal choice for different applications, including warehouse storage, cold rooms, refrigerators, kitchens and even freezers. Strip curtains are an inexpensive alternative to doors; the cost of purchase and installation is considerably lower. In addition, these barriers allow traffic to pass easily through, so the new curtains will not interfere with productivity. Read More 

Causes and Solutions to Your Water Pump’s Intermittent Cycling Problem

If your water pump has an intermittent cycling problem, you will notice that the pump runs and goes off repeatedly on its own. This will definitely increase your electricity bills, affect the flow of water in your home and reduce the efficiency of your water pump. Diagnosing and solving intermittent cycling issues is usually easy. However, you must know what to check and how to handle it. For this reason, here are some of the common causes and solutions to a water pump with an intermittent cycling issue. Read More 

Protecting Your Garden and Outdoor Areas When You Paint

If you've ever painted a room inside your home, you'll already be familiar with using plastic sheeting. These large pieces of plastic sheeting are invaluable for protecting your furniture and flooring from any paint that might escape from your brush before it's applied to the wall. When painting outside, you might think that you won't need to place any kind of protection down before you get started. This is not the case. Read More 

Factors to Consider When Ordering Cut to Size Plastics

Cut-to-size plasticsare available in a wide variety of different specifications and plastic types. It is therefore important that you consider several factors before placing your order for plastic that will be used for your DIY project. This article discusses some of those key factors. Temperature Range Each form of plastic has a safe temperature range within which it can be used without suffering any alteration to its chemical composition and structural strength. Read More