Tips For Saving Energy With Your Commercial Refrigerator

If you have a commercial refrigerator, such as for your restaurant or food truck, you may notice that it uses up a lot of energy. These larger refrigerators tend to use more energy than regular home refrigerators, so it is even more important that you keep the energy usage as low as possible. Here are some easy ways to reduce your energy bill with the refrigerator and lower your company's carbon footprint at the same time. Read More 

Five Benefits of Using Perspex in Garden Coldframes

A cold frame is essentially a small greenhouse that you set over plants in your garden to keep them warm and lengthen your growing season. You can make cold frames out of all kinds of materials, but there may be special benefits to using perspex in particular. Here's a look at some of the top benefits of using perspex. 1. No Worries About Paint or Related Toxins People use all kinds of materials to make cold frames, but old storm windows is a popular option. Read More 

Types of Concrete Saws You Must Know About

The construction industry calls for lots of precision and accuracy and there is no better way to achieve this than using concrete saws. Whether you are setting up a new structure or remodelling an old one, you will save lots of money and time by using a concrete saw other traditional methods of removing concrete. Basically, you can use dry sawing or wet sawing techniques for the cutting process. Dry sawing produces lots of dust on the site while wet sawing requires you to use water to cool and lubricate the saw blade. Read More 

How to powder coat non-metallic items

Powder coating, by definition, involves the process of applying a coat of paint in the form of powder. Note that typical liquid type paints are simply binders and pigments floated in solvents. Powder coating, in contrast, is solvent free which means you are just using the dry binders and pigments. Metal items or materials are commonly suitable for powder coating because they can withstand the high temperatures they are subjected to during the process. Read More 

Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About a Water Storage Tank

Many homeowners, and especially those with farms and large gardens, would do well to consider having a water storage tank on their property. Stored rainwater can be used to water that garden or farm, saving on the cost and waste of freshwater. This water can also be used in case of a fire or when city water supplies are cut off for any reason. If you're thinking of getting a water storage tank on your property, note a few commonly asked questions and their answers, so you know if this is the best choice for your home. Read More