The Various Types of Products You Can Find at a Timber Salvage Yard

Some people walk into a timber yard looking to buy salvaged timber but end up leaving with something other than what they had in mind. This is largely attributed to the fact that there are different types of used timber being sold by many timber sellers across Australia, and a lot of customers easily confuse the other products with salvaged timber.

Before you can buy timber salvage from a timber yard, you should be knowledgeable about the different kinds of used timber you can find at the yard, starting with salvaged timber itself.

Salvaged Timber

As its name implies, this type of timber originated from old projects and is retrieved from what would have been destined for the landfill as waste. Salvaged timber can be directly used for new construction projects or crafts that call for the use of timber, such as furniture-making. But the timber must be carefully inspected to ensure that it is still in structurally sound condition. 

Recycled Timber

This type of timber is obtained in pretty much the same way as salvaged timber, but it is re-processed through the machining process to be used as material for making completely new products. Like salvaged timber, recycled timber can be used in new construction projects or in projects that demand the use of timber.

Reclaimed Timber

Unlike recycled timber, reclaimed timber is not subjected to the machining process and transformed into a new product. Instead, it is removed from its initial location and reused at a different location, with only minimal adjustments besides dimension and finishing being made to timber. In essence, the reclaimed timber doesn't differ much from its initial state. Timber is reclaimed when hardwood flooring is moved from one home to another, for example. 

Upcycled Timber

Upcycling is all about finding creative uses for old items that would otherwise be discarded. The unwanted timber can be converted into something else to give it alternative functionality — the new function is often different from the original one. With a little dexterity, old wood chairs can be turned into almost anything from outdoor benches, a rustic garden shelf, a coat rack, et cetera.

As the demand for timber products continues to go up with each passing day, it is becoming increasingly necessary to reuse timber so as to help meet the demand in an environmentally sensitive manner. More importantly, those who want to purchase used timber should learn about the different kinds of products available so they can get something that's right for their particular project.