Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About a Water Storage Tank

Many homeowners, and especially those with farms and large gardens, would do well to consider having a water storage tank on their property. Stored rainwater can be used to water that garden or farm, saving on the cost and waste of freshwater. This water can also be used in case of a fire or when city water supplies are cut off for any reason. If you're thinking of getting a water storage tank on your property, note a few commonly asked questions and their answers, so you know if this is the best choice for your home.

Can you store any liquid in a water storage tank?

Note that some caustic liquids might damage the surface of a plastic tank or any type of liner placed in the tank, or cause corrosion to a metal tank. Also, water tanks are usually built to be strong enough to hold the weight of water itself; if you use that tank to store a thicker and heavier liquid, oil, or gel of some sort, this could actually cause the tank to sink into the ground or cause pressure and resultant leaks around the connectors. Before storing anything other than water in the tank, check with the manufacturer to see if that material would be safe.

What are bands for the tank and why are they recommended?

Over time, the pressure of water in a tank can cause some plastics or other materials to bulge, and especially for a large, upright tanks that may be holding the most water weight around its middle. Bands are reinforcements that go around the tank and which provide reinforcement for certain areas, and which alleviate pressure on connectors. This can keep your tank intact and help prevent leaks over the years.

What is an air bladder?

An air bladder is a rubber bladder that holds pressurized air and which is fitted around the edge of the tank. This added pressure helps to push water out when you operate the pump. This can alleviate some wear and tear on the pump and also make it easier to pump out large quantities of water at once. If you want to use the water in your tank for watering a small farm or for potentially putting out fires, you might consider a pressurized air bladder in your tank. This can create more water pressure and a stronger stream of water from the pump when it's in operation.