Benefits of Utilizing CNC Technology for Induction Pipe Benders

Induction pipe benders are industrial grade professionals who bend pipes made from various metals into their required shapes. Typically, induction pipe bending involves using the heat generated by eddy currents infused by a strong electromagnetic field to facilitate the curving of pipes or tubes.

Though various induction bending machines available that provide the required level of precision in the bending process are available, none surpass CNC technology.

CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control, and the technology provides induction pipe benders with increased accuracy control because everything from uniform heat regulation to oversight of the bending process gets controlled by computer thus eliminating errors.

Below are the main reasons why an induction pipe bender should consider investing in CNC technology.

•    Minimizing your wage bill

Typically, if an induction pipe bender utilizes hired help/ workers in their bending process than automation, they tend to require many employees to handle to workload. Note that the more the capacity of the bending company, the more workers needed for different stages of the process.

However, by using CNC technology, you can substantially reduce the number of people required in the induction pipe bending process. CNC induction pipe bending machine is designed to automate a substantial part of the bending process thus reducing your labor force substantially.

By reducing your workforce, you will be saving loads of money regarding wages as well as insurance covers for the workers.

•    Uniformity of the final product

As the saying goes 'man is to error.'

Manual induction pipe bending usually lacks uniformity of quality as well as the shape of the finished product. With that in mind, it is entirely possible for an induction pipe bender to incur losses before they have fully mastered how to achieve near perfect results manually.

However, by utilizing CNC induction pipe bending machines, a bender can forego the losses incurred during the trial and error phase of starting the business.

The automation provided by CNC technology allows an induction pipe bender guaranteed uniformity regarding bend quality and shape because the whole process gets accurately controlled via computer. Hence, even when bending narrow tubes, you will be able to produce a broad range of curved shapes as well as dimensions precisely.

•    Compatibility with Computer Aided Design technology

Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology has revolutionized the manufacturing industry as manufacturers are now able to create intricate designs with ease.

Similarly, induction pipe benders can combine CAD and CNC technology to provide their clients with even the most complex curves as well as multiple curves on a single tube.