Three Crucial Considerations for Commercial PVC Strip Curtain Selection

If you are thinking about separating your industrial or commercial workspace by installing doors, you should consider using PVC strip curtains. As implied, these are essentially doors which are manufactured using resilient strips of polymer. This is an ideal choice for different applications, including warehouse storage, cold rooms, refrigerators, kitchens and even freezers.

Strip curtains are an inexpensive alternative to doors; the cost of purchase and installation is considerably lower. In addition, these barriers allow traffic to pass easily through, so the new curtains will not interfere with productivity. Here are the most critical factors to consider when selecting the ideal strip doors for your commercial space.

Temperature Resistance

You should consider the thermal conditions of the space in which you plan to install your new strip curtains. In simple terms, plastic is affected by heat fluctuations, and these can cause accelerated deterioration of the new feature. Therefore, you should ensure prolonged service and better performance by choosing a product that suits your applications. Standard PVC curtains have a wide thermal resistance range which allows for their use in both outdoor and indoor applications.

Typically, they can be used in cold rooms and refrigerators as well as relatively hot spaces like kitchens. Unfortunately, these will sustain damage in freezer applications. If you would like an item for this use, consider utilising low temperature reinforced curtains. These PVC doors contain nylon in their structure, and this reduces potential shrinkage and elongation of curtains in extreme temperatures. The curtain will remain flexible and efficient instead of becoming degraded.

Performance Characteristics

The performance of the commercial strip curtains will significantly depend on the unique properties of each product. One of the most important pertinent factors is the nature of the surface of the strips. In general, the curtains can be smooth or ribbed. Smooth curtains are easier to maintain and enhance swift traffic flow. On the other hand, ribbed strips are tougher, which means that they provide better insulation and can resist damage from forklifts and similar machinery. It is also crucial for you to choose anti-static strip curtains if this is a concern for your operation. Additionally, consider installing perforated strips if you would like to allow free airflow.

Curtain Colour

Finally, you should consider your strip curtain colour options before purchase. Clear curtains are the most popular because they allow visibility and prevent possible collisions across the dividing feature. On the other hand, coloured and tinted strips will increase privacy and consequently, security. Moreover, they will reduce ultraviolet radiation in sensitive spaces.

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