Causes and Solutions to Your Water Pump’s Intermittent Cycling Problem

If your water pump has an intermittent cycling problem, you will notice that the pump runs and goes off repeatedly on its own. This will definitely increase your electricity bills, affect the flow of water in your home and reduce the efficiency of your water pump. Diagnosing and solving intermittent cycling issues is usually easy. However, you must know what to check and how to handle it. For this reason, here are some of the common causes and solutions to a water pump with an intermittent cycling issue.

Leaks in Your Plumbing System

Leaks in your home's plumbing system are usually the major cause of intermittent water pump cycling. This includes leaks in plumbing fixtures such as your sinks, shower tubs, water tanks, water piping system and the valves on your water piping system. If your water pump still cycles intermittently after fixing these leaks, check the areas below.

Clogged Water Tank Inlets

Intermittent cycling can also be caused by blocked inlets. This usually happens if you have a pressure tank. When you are not using water in your home, your water pump may cycle off at a higher pressure than that inside your water tank. If this happens, water under high pressure from your plumbing system can back-feed water into the tank. The back-feed usually affects the pressure of water. In most cases, it will reduce the pressure of water in your home below the cut-in pressure of your water pump switch, which will lead to the cycling.

If the tank bladder of your water tank is damaged, you could end up with clogged tank inlets. If the bladder is in good condition, check the inlets for silt and mineral deposits among other debris. Remove the debris and if possible, find the source and eliminate it to prevent further blockages.

Leaky Toilets

Leaky toilets are usually very challenging to detect because most of the signs only become apparent when the leak is severe. Leaky valves are usually the major causes of toilet leaks. There are different ways to find out if you have a running toilet. For instance, you can dry your toilet bowl by wiping it with a piece of dry cloth and leaving for a while. If you feel wetness above the level of water, you have a leak. Ripples in your toilet bowl water can also be a sign that some of it is leaking.

Finding and fixing the causes of the leak should solve the intermittent cycling problem on your water pump.